Main Water Line Repairs

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Let Us Check Your Main Lines

Your main water lines are the pipes that allow water to come into your home from the municipal supply. They are generally large and are often present in your yard. At All Go Plumbing and Rooter, we have experience repairing these water lines, so you can talk to us about this issue at any time. In addition to providing water line repair in San Jose, CA, we are also able to talk to you about trenchless water lines, if this is something you are interested in.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us when you think you are experiencing problems with your main water lines. These are lines that are extensive and can cause major damage if they are malfunctioning. Talk to our experts about this by calling 408-625-0565.

When to Call Us

There are a few ways that you may be able to tell when you are experiencing a problem with your main water lines. One is if you suddenly notice puddles or standing water in your yard, especially if it hasn’t rained recently. This could indicate that there is a leak or crack within these pipes. Another way that may be obvious is if you have notice that sediment or silt is coming through your pipes. When main lines are compromised, you may see dirt or other debris in your sinks and showers, where it shouldn’t be. This also puts you at a greater risk of encountering a clog within the pipes inside your home. If you notice either of these signs, consider conversing with us about plumbing video camera inspection, which allows us to use a specialized camera to look directly in your pipes to determine what issues they are facing.

How should main line water leaks be fixed?

The first step to repairing a main water line leak is to shut off the water, when this is possible. This could prevent further damage and leaks inside your home or in your yard. While you can approach this problem yourself, you should talk to a plumber for the best help, since it may be a large job to undertake.

How do I know if my main line has problems?

A few clues that your main line has been impacted are if there are puddles or standing water throughout your yard, your water pressure has lowered dramatically, or you are hearing strange sounds coming from your pipes. To find out for sure, you may want to work with a plumber, who will also be able to perform repairs on these lines.

Are water main breaks covered by insurance?

In many cases, if your main water line breaks and causes damage or flooding to your home, it may not be covered by your home insurance policy. However, there are specific policies and special coverage that you can purchase from your insurer, if this is something that you are concerned about. You may want to talk to your insurance company to find out more.

We’d Love to Help

Your main lines need to work properly, so you can have the fresh water you need throughout your home. This is why you should always reach out to us for providing water line repair in San Jose, CA when it is needed. You don’t have to wonder if we will be able to handle the job, either. Our experts are experienced and qualified to repair these lines and do so in a timely manner. Call us at 408-625-0565 when you want us to come take a look.