Slab Leak Repair

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We Handle Slab Leaks

While there are numerous types of leaks that can occur within your pipes, one of the most devastating types are slab leaks. These are leaks that pop up within your home’s foundation, so they can be hard to spot and difficult to repair. However, at All Go Plumbing and Rooter, we have the expertise to fix this type of issue and can help you protect the integrity of your home and your pipes.

Make sure that you talk to us for slab leak repair in San Jose, CA, and we can describe to you how we will be able to lend a hand. While working on the pipes within a slab may be a lot of work, we are equipped to handle jobs of this size in a professional manner. Be sure to reach out at 408-625-0565 when you are ready to trust us with your repairs.

Signs of a Leak

If you are unsure of whether you have a leak in your slab, there are things you can check for, which may let you know. One is high water bills. If you notice that you have started receiving bills that are much higher than normal, this is something that may help you understand that you might have a slab leak. You should also walk around your house as well as check the exterior of your slab that you can see. If there is standing water in your home or if your slab is wet, this could also mean that you have a leak somewhere that you can’t see. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to check your yard for standing water, since this could be related to a slab leak also. Anytime you experience one of these signs, you should consider talking to a professional plumber for more help.

Detection Services

Our experts are also able to provide slab leak detection services. This means we have a few techniques that we can use to determine if you have a slab leak, before we try digging up pipes or looking directly into your slab. One thing we can do is plumbing video camera inspections, which might give us a better idea of where problems are, so they can be fixed easily and without delay. This service can also let us know if there are other weaknesses within your pipes that should be addressed.

Broken Pipe Help

Once we are able to check your slab, if you have a broken or busted pipe, we can make repairs for you. Regardless of the condition of the pipes, we will either be able to fix it, or we can replace it. Rest assured that we will talk to you about your options and recommend one that makes the most sense overall. We won’t just ask you to pay for expensive repairs; only the ones that are vital. Some companies may tell you that you need new pipes when this isn’t the case. You won’t experience this type of tactic when you trust us as your emergency plumbing company.

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We’re Ready to Assist

When it comes to getting a slab leak fixed, you will likely want a high-quality team to help you. This is why you should consider leaning on us for this type of job. Not only do we have the expertise to complete this task properly, but we also will treat you fairly as our client, and keep you apprised of the situation throughout the entire process.

Let us be your resource for slab leak repair in San Jose, CA and we can take some of the worry off your back. You can be sure that we will do everything in our power to find the leak, repair your pipes, and get you back to normal, in a timely manner. Slabs are a very important part of your home, and we want to make sure that yours stays in one piece and doesn’t put you or your family at risk. Speak with our team at 408-625-0565 to make an appointment with us today.