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Inspection Services Available

Whether you have had your pipes inspected before or not, it is a type of maintenance that should be performed on your pipes regularly. At All Go Plumbing and Rooter, this is one of our specialties, and it can help you find out a lot about your pipes and how they are holding up.

When you are considering a plumbing video camera inspection in San Jose, CA, we will be able to lend a hand. You can count on us to check the pipes, and if there is an issue, we also provide pipe repair, or we may have to talk to you about whole house repiping. If you are ready to discuss inspections, reach out to us today at 408-625-0565. Let us explain the process and set up an appointment to help you.

Sewer Inspections

One type of plumbing that may need a video camera inspection is your sewer pipes. We have a specialized camera that is able to be fed into your pipes, so a technician can see precisely what is inside the pipes, as well as the condition of them. This will give us a better understanding of how they need to be cleared, cleaned, or repaired. You probably don’t want your sewer pipes to fail or crack, so this can be an invaluable service to consider.


You may also want a video inspection when you have a clog in your system. The small camera can show us where the clog originates and if it is causing damage to your pipes. Additionally, being aware of the condition of the pipes and the severity of a clog will help us determine the proper way to solve the issue. In some cases, if you simply try to move a clog without knowing where it is and whether it is severe or not, it could cause cracks or other damage within your plumbing.


Much like with a clog, video camera inspections are sometimes necessary when you have a leak, especially if the source of the leak isn’t obvious. When we are able to see the inside of the pipes ourselves, this can clue us into where the leak started, whether it is serious or not, and if there are other problems in the pipes. When we have this type of information, it will allow us to make repairs in a responsible manner, so we don’t cause any further damage to occur.

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There are many reasons you may want to invest in plumbing video camera inspection in San Jose, CA. It can be utilized when you experience an issue within your water or sewer lines, but it could also be a part of the preventative maintenance on your pipes as well. In other words, you can call us if you have a problem that must be checked, but you may also talk to us if you want to be proactive and have your pipes inspected before they give you problems. Either way, cracks and damage can be repaired, and clogs can be addressed in the best manner possible. We will also be able to discuss if there are any other concerns that we notice that must be addressed. For instance, we are skilled when it comes to pipe repairs and drain cleaning as well. Contact us at 408-625-0565 to learn more about this service and to find out if it will help your pipes.