Gas Leak Detection

gas leak equipment

Gas Leaks Fixed

Having a gas leak at your home can be dangerous and can also cause you to need help immediately. However, with our help at All Go Plumbing and Rooter, we will be able to detect a leak for you as soon as possible, to limit the negative consequences. Lean on us for gas leak detection in San Jose, CA, and we will do everything we can to keep your pipes running properly.

You can also work with us for gas line repair, if this is something that becomes necessary. To learn more about either of these services, you can talk to our team at any time. Just dial 408-625-0565 and we will be able to provide specifics.

What to Watch For

If you are curious about whether there is a gas leak at your house, there may be some signs that this is the case. One is if you smell sulfur or rotten eggs. This is what natural gas smells like, and if you are able to detect it, this likely means that there is a leak that is releasing gas, which shouldn’t be happening. Something else that may concern you is if you hear a noise coming from your water heater or another appliance that uses gas. This could also indicate that there is a gas leak. Remember that you shouldn’t try to fix this type of problem yourself, as it can be unsafe. You can also purchase a gas detector from your local hardware store or online, which will let you know that there is gas present.  

Give Us a Call

When you have an inkling that there is a gas leak at your home, we should be your first call. We will not only be able to determine if there is a gas leak, but we can find out where it is. Then, we will also be able to fix the problem for you, so that it doesn’t threaten your routine or your health. Check with us for gas leak detection in San Jose, CA. We’ll be able to help you out and provide you with the answers you need as well. You can contact us anytime at 408-625-0565